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What is PR?

PR = public relations (although it’s not escaped my attention that PR could also stand for press release!) PR in a nutshell is how organisations communicate with the public to promote themselves and build a positive reputation and image. They do this by various means such as sending out press releases, posting on social media, producing blogs, brochures, newsletters and websites.


Why do you need PR?

When you are doing something new or exciting in your business or organisation you want the world to know about it? Yes? And how do you do that? Through PR. Getting your press release in the relevant media is a cost-effective and productive way of reaching your customers – old and new.


Can I really learn PR in a day?

Yes, you can. I’ve been running my What’s the story? PR workshop since March 2018 and have trained scores of businesses and organisations to confidently tackle their own public relations.

Specifically, I teach them how to write a press release in a day and pitch their story to editors.

Importantly, we focus on what makes a good story for a press release. No one wants to read a boring story – certainly not a journalist, and certainly not your customer.

What’s the story? training focuses on finding the best stories in your organisation – and how to turn them into engaging press releases that journalists will want to share with their readers ¬– your customers.


Does it work?

Absolutely. What’s the story? ‘students’ have had their press releases published in all forms of media, from newspapers and magazines to radio and TV. A few have even had their stories published within 48-hours of attending the workshop!

The beauty of What’s the story? training is that you are learning key skills that you can use time and again.

Some businesses have decided to take PR services in-house following my What’s the story? workshop, resulting in a substantial saving to the organisation.


Clinic v Workshop. Which one is for me?

If you are confident in your writing ability and PR skills but just want to brainstorm a story idea, then my 45-minute PR clinic is ideal.

Some clients feel they want some more support, so book in for more clinic sessions or on to the full workshop.

The workshop is a full day event, from 9.45am-4pm and covers everything you wanted to know about PR and writing a press release but were afraid to ask!

It looks at everything from what makes a ‘good’ story, to identifying stories in your organisation that will be of interest to a reporter, as well as pitching your tale to an editor and having a go at writing a press release. It’s hands-on with lots of exercises to do and 1:1 time with me (online via the fabulous Zoom breakout rooms).

PR Workshop

Save money by learning how to do your own PR. This popular workshop teaches you how to write a press release in one day.

PR Clinic

Struggling to find a story to tell about your business or organisation? Or maybe you have a great story about something new and exciting, but don’t know how to tell it? 

Copywriting Services

Need help writing content for your website, brochure, newsletter or blog – or even with your press release? Perhaps you need someone to write an entry for an awards scheme?

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